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When you purchase from our online cloth nappies shop, you can be assured of top quality products and service, as well as superb after-sales care and advice. If you are brand new to the whole cloth nappy thing, just send me a WhatsApp using the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner and I’ll explain everything to you and guide you through the whole process 😘 Modern cloth nappies are a great alternative to the disposable diaper. The outside layer is made from a high-quality polyurethane laminate fabric that is waterproof. The inside layer is made from suede cloth which is a brushed polyester fabric that is super soft and fluffy to the touch. It has a stay dry quality after liquids have passed through it, which makes it perfect for a happy, healthy baby bum. Between these inner and outer layers, you get the cloth nappy inserts that allow the nappy to be absorbent. Nappy inserts are made from hemp or bamboo fabric. We recommend using at least two inserts per nappy change. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers do not contain harmful chemicals that are in constant contact with your baby’s skin. They’re super-absorbent, even more so than disposables diapers, according to most moms. And last but not least, cloth nappies are incredibly cute and stylish with a trim fit that’s so satisfying look at.

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